Bottled Soda


xoda - Bottled sparkling water

Our soda bottles evoke the feeling of a world gone by. But we've strived to create a youthful, "on-trend" product that fits in well with consumer needs and the expectations of our time, environmental awareness and healthy lifestyles. Soda water is a natural refreshment with excellent thirst-quenching properties, without added sugar or sweeteners.
The secret of xoda®'s popularity is that we take the utmost care in our state-of-the-art factory to produce a crystal-clear, healthy and nature-friendly product. 
We do this with the help of our 5X filtration system, activated carbon, micron filters and of course, disinfecting UV light.
The bottled xoda® soda water of Vasi Xoda Drink Ltd. is bottled according to the highest hygienic standards, using the HACCP quality assurance system. 

The returned refillable empty bottles are washed and disinfected in a separate room with a high performance machine, then refilled with natural, pure water enriched with co2 after drying. 

By collecting and refilling the bottles, we aim to help reduce the environmental impact.

xoda xtill - Brewing water

H2O+Mg = xtill Brewing water

When cooking food or drinks, the more saturated the drinking water is with mineral salts, the less it can leach out other soluble minerals. When preparing food or drink, we want to make sure that the nutrients and flavours are released from the ingredients as efficiently as possible, so that our food and drink tastes and tastes great and is nutritious. 

By supplementing with magnesium, water will have a smoother, silkier texture, which is the basis of delicious food and drink. 

Remember, if you use hard tap water or mineral water, you can prevent optimal dissolution of flavours.

Our product is sold in a 5 litre baginbox, equipped with the well-known features for juices

dosing tap. It is very useful and practical.

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