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UC 105 B

Optional faucets


F1 EC black


F1 EC silver


F1 EU black


F1 EU silver


F2 MC silver


F2 MU silver

UC 105 B
23(W) x 43.5(D) x 39.5(H) cm
Chilling capacity
up to 20 liters per hour
Heating capacity
up to 12 liters per hour
220v / 230v
Power consumption
Hot water 500W / Cold water 100W
Operation manual
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Please note that the rental scheme is only available to businesses by concluding a contract. It is not available to private individuals.

The prices are in nettos, and do not include 27 % VAT!

The price of the basic machine include faucet

390 000 HUF

CO2 per cylinder (5kg)
46 000 HUF
Price of CO2 pressure regulator
14 000 HUF
Water filter price
46 000 HUF
Installation fee
30 000 HUF
Lease with one year of loyalty +1 year option
1-3 machines for simultaneous rental per month per unit

32 500 HUF

4-8 machines for simultaneous rental per month per unit

30 000 HUF

9-12 machines for simultaneous rental per month per unit

27 000 HUF

buy-out price of the basic machine after 30 months

75 000 HUF

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